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In this 18th episode of CultivatED Marketer, hosts Brent Bowen and Matt Tidwell, PhD, sit down with Dan Gregory at the IABC Conference. Dan Gregory is the co-founder of The Behavior Report, a coaching program that teaches what moves us, what drives us and what lifts us. Throughout this episode, we discuss human behavior and how to apply it to your marketing strategy.

CultivatED Marketer Ep. 18 — Dan Gregory Show Notes

Brent Provides Marketing Professional Development News and Updates

  • Want very brief overview of IABC World Conference in New York City? Brent has it here. Boy, he enjoyed the dine-around. Shout out to Minnesota IABC Chapter members.
  • Want something closer to KC. Social Media Club of Kansas City is hosting a breakfast with Sporting KC and KC Current broadcaster Aly Trost Martin on Aug. 5. Register now.
  • Watch for more dates from KCIABC and Social Media Club.

Brent and Matt talk with Dan Gregory, co-founder of The Behaviour Report.

  • Brent and Matt sit down at the IABC Conference in New York and introduce Dan Gregory. They mention his presentation at the conference, and their upcoming discussion on human behavior.
  • Matt shares some background information on Dan working with The Behavior Report alongside his partner Kieran Flanagan. He is from Australia, along with many other attendees at the IABC Conference. 
  • Matt talks about Dan’s presentation at the IABC Conference about “Influence is more important than intelligence”. He mentions communicators need to be students of human behavior. For marketers, it’s not about the tools, it’s about how we approach stakeholders.
  • Dan reflects on his school experience in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. He noticed while he was doing well in school, success did not come by easily for him. At that moment, he became fascinated by human behavior, realizing that success does not solely come from intelligence. 
  • Dan talks about challenging scientists’ ideologies “being right gets results”. He believes being right does not bring wealth or success. He wants to coach smart people to be people smart to be successful, which is why he created The Behaviour Report.

How Do Relationships — Influence — Beat Intelligence?

  • Dan reflects on his advertising career, where he realized it’s more than just advertising a product. 90% of his career was pitching an idea to the business and gaining trust. After he realized that career was not his strong-suit, he spent four years traveling the world as a standup comedian to get more comfortable with hostile audiences.
  • Dan talks about his business partner Kieran’s natural ability to build relationships. He also highlights how some soft skills, such as Kieran’s, are critical skills for leaders to be successful.
  • Matt notes an interesting piece of Dan and Kieran’s presentation was explaining how to increase influence by aligning your values as a communicator with the values of your target audience. The group dives into discussion on the meaning and how to identify the target audiences value.
  • Dan reflects on working with pharmaceutical sales people and how he helped them identify the purpose of the sale. He stated that doctors need time, so it is important to highlight the value the product has for their target audience. The question isn’t just “Why?”, but rather “Why we should start with who?”.
  • Brent asks Dan about the meaning of his “Minding Your Language” idea. Dan clarifies that it means choosing your language, and highlights an example Kieran during the presentation about how language can affect the sense of urgency in a message. 

How Something Makes Us Feel Can Be More Important Than Service or Product?

  • Matt starts sharing the story Dan mentioned in his IABC presentation of a man in the tree salvage business. Dan continues talking about revamping the business mission to incorporate the benefits of tree salvaging to customers. Dan views the story from a logical, emotional, and psychological perspective, and points out how to use the psychological perspective to sell your business.
  • Dan discusses news representation in Australia vs. United States. He identifies the issue with disagreeing among peers due to the polarizing attitudes around the world. He states that in order to change a point of view, you have to align interests with values. As professional communicators, it is important for us to rebuild connections in polarizing communities around the world to maintain relationships. 
  • Dan wraps up the episode by sharing where to find more information about human behavior.

To learn more, check out their social media @thebehaviourrpt, or go to tbr.news

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Watch for more interviews that Brent and Matt conducted from IABC World Conference 2022. They’ll include conversations with Darcy Eikenberg and Brad Whitworth.

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