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In this fourth episode of CultivatED Marketer, hosts Brent Bowen and Matt Tidwell, PhD, wrap up their discussions from the 2020 Kansas City IABC Business Communicator Summit (BCS). They chat with Angie Pastorek, University of Kansas Program Director and Lead Faculty member for the master’s degree in organizational communication. Her teaching and research interests center around organizational culture and communication practices, membership negotiation, and organizational change.

Before Angie Pastorek … Catching Up With Matt and Brent

How bad is it to your personal brand if you’re caught a photo not physically distancing on the national news? 

We all want to get outside during the pandemic, but not necessarily at the expense of our healthy, safety or our personal brand. The gents discuss the Lake of Ozarks bar being featured on the Today Show.

How do you navigate change?

In advance of the interview with Angie, whose discussion covers change. Brent and Matt talk about how the pandemic has only heightened the need to make adaptability a key attribute.

How critical are soft skills or hybrid skills right now?

More communicators and marketers are being promoted in varying leadership roles. What skills are required — whether hard skills or soft skills — to attain that level of advancement?

CultivatED Marketer Ep. 4 — Angie Pastorek, Kansas City IABC BCS Show Notes

Brent and Matt talk with Angie Pastorek at the Kansas City International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Business Communicators Summit (BCS)

Angie teaches graduate courses at The University of Kansas in organizational communication, covering topics such as change management, communication ethics in the workplace, conflict management, professional writing and speaking skills, organizational culture, team development, and engaging workplace diversity. 

She offers free monthly Link and Learns, regardless of whether you’re a current student. If you’re interested in the program she leads, please visit her webpage. Also attached is a printable pdf of the Link and Learn schedule as well.

Free Monthly Workplace Communication Link and Learns: https://edwardscampus.ku.edu/link-and-learns

Graduate Certificate and Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication: https://edwardscampus.ku.edu/communication

Upcoming CultivatED Marketer Guests

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