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In the first episode of CultivatED Marketer, hosts Brent Bowen and Matt Tidwell, PhD, introduce themselves and the show. They talk about why they started the podcast: to help other marketers and themselves with the ever-changing world of marketing professional development. In addition, they’ll regularly bring on guests to showcase exceptional individuals and work being done in the new Midwest of Kansas City and beyond.

Launching show in midst of COVID-19 — but committed to making the podcast happen!

CultivatED Marketer Welcome Show Notes

Some introductions …

  • Co-host Brent Bowen has been a long-time podcast host, producing podcasts since 2009 (or before). Brent is currently the owner of Sparkcade Marketing, which is a small marketing agency in the Kansas City area. He has been in the Marketing area for 25 years, including podcasting. He loves podcast and is running six shows in some form or fashion. Sparkcade offers integrated marketing services with a heavy emphasis on digital marketing. He never thought he would have to break out the crisis manual like he has the in the past few weeks. IABC board. Brent ran internship programs, met great professionals.
  • Matt Tidwell, PhD, is currently an Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Program Director at the University of Kansas, where he runs a master degree program at Edwards Campus in KC for integrated marketing communications for working professionals. Before that, a long career in marketing communications working for different brands around KC. Most time teaching now is in crisis communication. He’s always been a professional development guy. 

Why They Created CultivatED Marketer Podcast

  • Motivation behind this show: Professional development has never been so important because of the changes in marketing. People are confused about the right way to approach the marketing field and their professional development.
  • There’s so much marketing specialty segmentation now. It can be hard figuring out which path would be best for development. They created the show to cut through that clutter and make it less confusing for the person in determining what they want to try to do.
  •  Plan to promote great work from local organizations, any conferences, sessions or summits that are great to go to, events — when we can get back to them. (IABC to PRSA to engineering and ag marketing groups.)
  • Intend to shine a light on Kansas City and the great work done in KC
  • For established marketers, they plan to sharpen the saw — discussing continual learning opportunities and the injection of science that’s taken hold of the field in recent years.
  • They will point people to great resources, so if you don’t know an answer you can find it for you or a client
  • Talk case studies — classics, such as the “I am Loved” button to newer items like the award-winning Wendy’s social media campaigns.
  • Guests could range from Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), independent marketers, and folks in the agency world. 
  • KC is a fantastic small business town, so we’ll chat the gig economy too.
  • In short, the KC mentality is one of giving back. So if it’s Important for marketers and their development, they’ll touch on it.

Upcoming CultivatED Marketer Guests

  • John Hall — Author of Top of Mind, Co-founder at Calendar.com. He chats establishing great connections.
  • Kathryn Lorenzen — She’s a long-time recruiter and career coach at LandaJob. Kathryn will chat what networking means from a professional development standpoint.
  • Angie Pastorek — Program Director and Faculty of the Organizational Communications Graduate Program at The University of Kansas. She will talk about challenges and opportunities about working as a team, as well as what skills are really important in the workforce. 

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